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Looking towards the future, Cayman Carnival Band Renegade Mas embarks on our 2020 journey under the theme "Out of this World" with 9 sections to follow the 100% growth we celebrated in just our second year of 2019. 

In an effort to highlight the festive and colourful Cayman Carnival culture to visiting guests and further promote camaraderie among the local population, we invite you to join us on the road for the ultimate 2020 Carnival experience on Saturday, October 3rd.


Designers include Rhion Romany, David Dewer, Solange Govia, Natasha Marshall, Danielle Alexis, RoccandRose and Neptune.

In addition, Renegade Mas has aligned with three female focused charities to drive awareness and funding for the 2020 year: MS Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation and the Cayman Crisis Centre.



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AMAZING SERVICE YESTERDAY @renegademas345. In and out under 10 minutes. Everything I ordered was in my bag. Checklist is spot on! THANK YOU

Renegade mas! What can I say except it was a WHOLE VIBE! Being Trini and knowing what carnival REALLY is, I can safely say this is the only Cayman carnival experience i've had for the past 8 years that gave me a piece of that vibe. From hearing all the latest soca to drinks till drinks can't done PLUS fresh coconut water, an EXTREMELY well designed and made costume which fits me perfectly and excellent service throughout the entire process, I must say well done Team Renegade Mas. It would be remiss of me not to mention you guys and thank you for a wonderful experience! With the same love, passion and efforts I am certain the band will grow and take over the Cayman carnival experience

Thank you for schooling me on how carnival should be! The experience of dealing with an organized band made such a difference! Amazing service! Just amazing! @renegademas345 until next year!






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