Are we having a Parade?

No. Parades are currently not allowed under the COVID-19 laws and guidelines. Therefore, we chose to stick to a plan that was certain. Aren't you tired of waiting? Better sooner than later.

When is the final payment due?
Your final payment for your costume is due by April 7th, 2021.

T-shirts will be on sale until supplies are finished.

How much to enter the events?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events are all covered within your costume/shirt purchase. The Wristbands 'Sundown' event will have an admission cost.

Where are the events?

The venues are not being disclosed until we are closer to the event dates in an effort to keep them exclusive.

When do you wear the costume?

Saturday, May 1st at the 'Cross the Stage Fete' which starts from 3 pm to 11 pm.

Are drinks Included?

Drinks and Food are included at the 'Cross the Stage' Fete. All other events will have a cash bar.

Is this for the public?

No. You must have a shirt or costume purchase to attend the events.

What is Cross the Stage?

We are bringing something new to Cayman! Cross the Stage is the climax of the Trinidad Carnival parade. We are reinventing the wheel here and invite you to get in your section, bring the energy, and jib-jab across the stage showcasing your beautiful costume.

Is it too late to join?
No. You can purchase a resale costume or a T-shirt while supplies last.

Why are we not doing feathers this year?

Our production team is out of Trinidad and due to the pandemic, we are unable to bring them in to fulfill the task.

Can I make my own feather pack or wear a pack from previous years?
Yes, you can.